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Working collaboratively with all stakeholders, we will develop the
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Hansen Early Learning Program H.E.L.P.

The Hansen Early Learning Program is a program for children from 3 to 5 years old. Children can be screened anytime during the school year after their third birthday. They must qualify for special services in one or more areas. These areas are social, fine and gross motor, adaptive, cognitive, speech and language. Each child has an individual plan that lists the goals that the child will work towards throughout the year. In addition to the goals in the plan, each child works from a list of skills that are appropriate for their age level and work toward the state core standards. Many of the skills will help them to be successful in kindergarten. The time spent at preschool is a balance of child directed and teacher directed projects. The mix is to bridge the gap between playing at home and coming to school. The goal of the program is to improve skills in all areas.

At the beginning of the school year some typically developing students are allowed in the program as peer models. They pay tuition.

A "Child Find" screening is held in the Spring for the following school year and screenings are done once a month throughout the school year as needed. To have your child screened please call the school at 423-5475 to set up an appointment.